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24 March 2009

Without Warning By John Birmingham eBook edition

parent-9780345502896 Removing the USA from the world political scene is a daunting task. Birmingham does a credible job of showing what a dangerous place the world would become without our power base.

This book examines a recent past in which the mainland USA was taken out of the world power equation. The plot devices and characters are well enough developed that by the end of this book you are ready for the sequel. Unfortunately, that next book is at least one year away from being published.

I like some of the story lines better than others. By and large though if you are a Science Fiction fan or a fan of the disaster novel this is a good read following an interesting premise.

Without the USA in play the world degrades quickly into disorder, as you might expect. Some outcomes seem likely and strategically correct. Others stretch credulity a bit but are plausible enough to carry your attention.

All in all Birmingham does a good job of drawing lines between the disappearance of the majority of US military power and the increase of chaos worldwide. This is a great spring break distraction or a really nice find if you haven’t read any of Birmingham’s other books. They are all worth reading if military fiction is one of the types of novels you enjoy. His knowledge base is solid and his writing skills are first class, so enjoy.

In Kuwait, American forces are stacked up, locked and loaded for the invasion of Iraq. In Paris, a covert agent, a woman who inhabits a twilight of lies and death, is close to cracking a terrorist cell. And just north of the equator, a forty-foot wood-hulled sailboat, manned by a drug runner, a pirate, and two gun-slinging beauties, is witness to the unspeakable. In one instant, all around the world, for politicians and peasants, from Gaza to Geneva, things will never be the same. A wave of inexplicable energy has slammed into the continental United States.

America, as we know it, is gone. . . . WITHOUT WARNING

Now U.S. soldiers are fighting a war without command or control. A correspondent records horrors for no one. Washington is gone and the line of succession is in tatters; the functioning remnants of government are in Pearl Harbor, Guantanamo Bay, and one desperate, isolated corner of the Northwest. For the jihads, it’s Allah’s miracle. For Saddam, it’s a chance to attack. Iran declares war on an America that doesn’t exist–except in the hearts and souls of the men and women who want it to.

In this astounding work of alternate fiction, John Birmingham hurtles us into a scenario that is unimaginable but shatteringly real: a world of financial ruin where a cloud of noxious waste–from America’s burning cities–darkens Europe, while men and women in offices around the globe struggle to make decisions that cannot hold and opportunists unleash their secret demons.

From a slick Texas lawyer who happens to be in the right place at the right time to a hard-working city engineer in Seattle who becomes his terrified city’s only hope, from the cancer-stricken secret agent to a drug runner off the Mexican coast and a U.S. general in Cuba, Without Warning tells a fast, furious story of survival, violence, and a new, soul-shattering reality. The first in an epic trilogy that will leave readers breathless and astounded, Without Warning offers a world without its policeman, its Great Satan, or its savior–as an unknowable future struggles to be born.

29 December 2008

The Complete Master Key System for Free

Unless you have been living in a bubble for the last few years, you have more than likely heard of a little book called The Secret. This book, compiled by Rhonda Byrne and other authors, is a print edition of an extremely poplar movie by the same name. Much of the material in the book is quoted from other texts, but many of these quotes are taken from one book in particular: The Master Key System by Charles Haanel.

Also known as the “Father of Self-Improvement,” Charles Haanel’s astonishing developments in the areas of though mastery and creative thinking are still revolutionary, even now, nearly a century after they were written.

The Master Key System was not originally published as a book. The twenty-four week program started as a correspondence course intended only for specifically chosen individuals. Now, the book is available for free to anyone who would like to learn the key to mastering their life by honing their cognitive powers.

Each of the twenty-four lessons is written cryptically, with many observations and universal truths stated philosophically one after the other, as they relate to the task for that particular week. For those who truly wish to better themselves through the use of this book, it is of the utmost importance that you reread and fully understand what it is that Haanel is saying before moving on with your task.

At the end of each chapter, the reader is given a task to practice for that week in particular, so that mastery of the building blocks is developed sequentially. Each task builds upon the previous ones, so not all readers will get through the system in twenty-four weeks. Some tasks are harder to accomplish than others.

If you have read The Secret, you know that there are many powerful testimonials as to the effectiveness of the power of creative thinking. If you want to take that to another level altogether, you should seriously consider downloading your copy of The Master Key System.


This post was contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of American history online phd. She invites your feedback at kellykilpatrick24 at gmail dot com

10 December 2008

The Audacity of Hope eBook edition

It is eerily fitting that the author of The Audacity of Hope was written by a man who had the audacity to run for President of the United States of America. One look at the portrait on the cover told you that his chance to be President was roughly equivalent to the proverbial snowball in hell.

And yet somehow we woke up this morning with "a skinny black kid with a funny name" as the next President of the USA. Unbelievable from where I sit!

It wasn't that long ago (70 years) that the Daughters of the American Revolution refused to allow a "colored" woman to give a concert in their hall. As a side note -- I always find this story the ultimate irony! Women who's ancestors fought and died for freedom actually denying Marian Anderson access to a building! But I digress.

I am old enough to remember Selma and Montgomery and the passage of the Voting Rights Act. I am old enough to have heard Martin Luther King voice his dream.

In those dark days it seemed an impossible dream! Just the idea that his "children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" was unfathomable. And yet this morning those children will wake up to a country where their Dad's dream has come true!

My Dad used to say that "we are saved by hope." As a teenager I thought it was perhaps the corniest thing I had ever hears. And yet this morning I can't help but think that he was on to something.

After all. what keeps us going in the face of incredible odds? It is sometimes simply the belief in a positive outcome; the feeling we can get what we want or that at the very least everything will turn out for the best.

Hope brings out the best in all of us. Hope is the sometimes the only thing that gets us out of bed in the morning. Hope is the bedrock of the American Dream. And at least for this moment in time, hope reigns in America.

If you haven't done so yet, do yourself a favor and read Barak Obama's message of hope:

In July 2004, Barack Obama electrified the Democratic National Convention with an address that spoke to Americans across the political spectrum. One phrase in particular anchored itself in listeners’ minds, a reminder that for all the discord and struggle to be found in our history as a nation, we have always been guided by a dogged optimism in the future, or what Senator Obama called “the audacity of hope.”

Now, in The Audacity of Hope, Senator Obama calls for a different brand of politics–a politics for those weary of bitter partisanship and alienated by the “endless clash of armies” we see in congress and on the campaign trail; a politics rooted in the faith, inclusiveness, and nobility of spirit at the heart of “our improbable experiment in democracy.” He explores those forces–from the fear of losing to the perpetual need to raise money to the power of the media–that can stifle even the best-intentioned politician. He also writes, with surprising intimacy and self-deprecating humor, about settling in as a senator, seeking to balance the demands of public service and family life, and his own deepening religious commitment.

At the heart of this book is Senator Obama’s vision of how we can move beyond our divisions to tackle concrete problems. He examines the growing economic insecurity of American families, the racial and religious tensions within the body politic, and the transnational threats–from terrorism to pandemic–that gather beyond our shores. And he grapples with the role that faith plays in a democracy–where it is vital and where it must never intrude. Underlying his stories about family, friends, members of the Senate, even the president, is a vigorous search for connection: the foundation for a radically hopeful political consensus.

A senator and a lawyer, a professor and a father, a Christian and a skeptic, and above all a student of history and human nature, Senator Obama has written a book of transforming power. Only by returning to the principles that gave birth to our Constitution, he says, can Americans repair a political process that is broken, and restore to working order a government that has fallen dangerously out of touch with millions of ordinary Americans. Those Americans are out there, he writes–“waiting for Republicans and Democrats to catch up with them.” Tags: ebook,e-book,obama,hope,the audacity of hope,ebooks about people,new york times best sellers

03 December 2008

Speaking for Myself by Cherie Blair eBook edition

  Do you ever play the game?  You know, the one where you sit around with a bunch of people and talk about which famous (or almost famous) person you would like to sit down and have dinner with?  We play it often.  And in the last few years I have often said, "Cherie Blair."  I just had a feeling . . .

I mean, here is a woman who is married to the Prime Minister of England, works as an attorney (and in this book I found out she is also a judge), has a family and still manages to show up for official functions. 

You can tell from her accent that she isn't exactly "upper crust" and the British Press have a field day reporting on her.  Most of the reporting less than flattering, but somehow managing to show her as a REAL flesh and blood person with a real inner life.

Often these conjectures about people are hilariously off base.  But in Cherie Blair's case they may not be. 

Speaking for Myself is her accounting of her life.  Her telling of her own history is frank, opinionated, unsentimental and humorous.  It is at times a painfully honest account of who she is (and not always to her benefit).

She is a study in contrasts and contradictions.  A high achieving professional and a devoted wife and mother.  A political operator who has a tin ear when it comes to handling people and personalities. A pugnacious defender of her husband who sees him warts and all.  She has tremendous insecurities about money and this drives her to make some very unwise choices.  She is in fact, very human.  I ended up liking her a lot! 

And even if you don't like her much, her "ringseat to history" make this compelling reading. Her recounting of the events, stories about the people and insights into government make it a fascinating read.

Sure, some of the intricacies of the British legal system and Parliamentary maneuverings are dense and to me as an American a little boring.  But her story and her voice will keep you reading.

Here is the publisher's notes:

Even if she hadn't married Tony Blair, Cherie's story would have been amazing. Abandoned by her actor father, she overcame obstacles to become one of the UK's most successful barristers. But when Labour took power in 1997, she faced new challenges: her husband was the first prime minister in recent history with a young family, and Cherie was the first PM's wife with a serious career. Now, she gives a complete account of her own life--an astonishing journey for a woman whose unconventional childhood was full of drama and who grew up with a fierce sense of justice.

In her autobiography she reveals for the first time what it was like to combine life as a working mother with life married to the prime minister. She writes about her encounters with scores of foreign leaders and her friendships with Presidents Clinton and Bush, as well as with Hillary and Laura. And she offers inside details of her relationships with the royals, including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana. Tags: ebook,ebooks,ebooks about people,blair,cherie blair,ebook reviews

20 February 2008

Great Minds Think Alike...


'Uncertainty' by David Lindley. It is unlikely that any three decades in human history witnessed as great a degree of fundamental and revolutionary change in our scientific understanding of the world than those from 1900 to 1930. David Lindley introduces us to the giants who made this revolution - Heisenberg and Einstein, of course, but also Niels Bohr, Wolfgang Pauli, Arnold Sommerfeld, Erwin Schrodinger, Paul Dirac, Hendrik Kramers, and Max Born. Lindley's approach more or less traces the chronological history of the events leading to quantum physics and Heisenberg's formal statements of the ultimate uncertainty of measurement at the atomic level. I recommend this book to anyone who is making their first forays into this area and wants to learn how these ideas were conceived and developed.

'Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body' by Neil Shubin. This is the most enjoyable book I've read on evolution since Gould's fine Wonderful Life. Shubin starts with the search for a link between fish and land animals that took him to the Canadian Arctic and culminated in the discovery of Tiktaalik--a fish with a flattened head and flippers that made it look rather like a very primitive alligator in ways. This eBook left me with a deep appreciation for the wonder of the modern human body. Great information for the casual reader! Be sure to use the Coupon Code below for a Discount on either of these two eBooks!

Uncertainty (Mobipocket) eBook edition by Lindley, David
In 1927, the young German physicist Werner Heisenberg challenged centuries of scientific understanding when he introduced what came to be known as “the uncertainty principle.” Building on his own radical innovations in quantum theory, Heisenberg proved that in many physical measurements, you can obtain one bit of information only at the price of losing another.
More Info

Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body (Mobipocket) eBook edition by Shubin, Neil
Why do we look the way we do? What does the human hand have in common with the wing of a fly? Are breasts, sweat glands, and scales connected in some way? To better understand the inner workings of our bodies and to trace the origins of many of today's most common diseases, we have to turn to unexpected sources: worms, flies, and even fish.
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23 January 2008

What America Is Coming To, And Where We Are Going


'America Unzipped:' by Brian Alexander. America has been conflicted about sexuality for a long while. Europeans for decades have been amused by how we can be sending titillating movies over there, but remain shy about, say, discussing condoms in school. Readers will be pleased to find lots of sex in Alexander's book, but not much of the "vanilla" kind. There is an appropriate tone of wide-eyed amusement throughout, and a thoughtful examination of America's current version of sexual paradox. You will find entertainment and satisfaction throughout the chapters of Alexander's recounting of a unique and amusing journey.

'Dreams From My Father' by Barack Obama. I was fascinated by this unusual story and carried along by the eloquence and insightfulness of the author. This made a great reference work for the subsequent book, Audacity of Hope. Barack Obama was of an interracial marriage. Most of us remember, until 1967, many children in interracial marriages, like those in gay households today, were deprived of equal rights under the laws. Yet, few recall that Albino Luciani (later to become John Paul I) led the same struggle in Italy. When Barack decided to include his black ancestors, it gave him a stronger sense of community and a wider connection to the global community of the world. Very interesting read. I liked it! Check below for the Coupon Code to receive a Discount on either of these two eBook Titles.

America Unzipped: In Search of Sex and Satisfaction (Mobipocket) eBook edition by Alexander, Brian
Welcome to the America we don’t usually talk about, a place where that nice couple down the street could be saddling up for “pony play,” making and selling their own porn DVDs, or hosting other couples for a little flogging.
More Info

BARACK OBAMA graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991, where he served as the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He has worked as a community organizer, civil rights attorney, and law professor.
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19 December 2007

Believe What You Want To Believe!


'Undecided Voter's Guide to the Next President' by Mark Halperin. I absolutely love politics and was so excited when I found this book. I have been an undecided voter the last few months. I am willing to vote in either party and was hoping this book would give me some clarity. It did!! The book does a great job giving you background information on the candidates, an explanation of their major beliefs, and a good description of what it would be like if they were President. This book helped me decide which party to vote for in the primary, and now I am deciding between two candidates. It is easy to read and makes you more excited about the election.

'Oil & The Glory' by Steve Levine. This book has it all. Mr. Levine reveals the intrigue,corruption and titanic egos of all the players- oil men and third world dictators alike. The best part is its all true and as current as today`s headlines. This eBook is very readable and interesting. Use the Coupon Code below to receive a Discount on either of these two eBook Titles.

Undecided Voter's Guide to the Next President, The eBook edition by Halperin, Mark
Who's ready for the oval office? They call it a horse race, and in this election the candidates got out of the gate early. But it's still hard to tell them apart and make a choice. Mark Halperin, veteran reporter and political anal
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OIL & THE GLORY eBook edition by Levine, Steve
Remote, forbidding, and volatile, the Caspian Sea long tantalized the world with its vast oil reserves. But outsiders, blocked by the closed Soviet system, couldn’t get to it. Then the Soviet Union collapsed, and a wholesale rush into the region erupted. Along with oilmen, representatives of the world’s leading nations flocked to the Caspian for a share of the thirty billion barrels of proven oil reserves at stake, and a tense geopolitical struggle began. The main players were Moscow and Washington–the former seeking to retain control of its satellite states, and the latter intent on dislodging Russia to the benefit of the West.
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05 December 2007

Special Discount on Fires Of Jublilee eBook Edition

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eBook cover
Fires of Jubilee eBook edition
by Oates, Stephen B.
The bloody slave rebellion led by Nat Turner in Virginia in 1831, and the savage reprisals that followed, shattered beyond repair the myth of the contented slave and the benign master and intensified the forces of change that would plunge America into the bloodbath of the Civil War. The New York Times says it is "a penetrating reconstruction of the most disturbing and crucial slave uprising in America's history.... A vivid and excellent narrative account"
List Price : $9.95
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14 November 2007

Interesting, Interesting, Interesting...


'Testimony' by Nicolas Sarkozy. Testimony is an engaging read for anyone interested in French politics and social issues, and should be required reading for every candidate running for presidential office. Sarkozy demonstrates more faith in American society than most Americans do these days. "America's strength," he observes, "is that it was able . . . to identify its own weaknesses, and decide together as a society to remedy them, and then to take action without useless nostalgia about the past."
'Meant To Be' by Walter Anderson. I was watching the O'Reilly Show when he was interviewing Walter Anderson concerning his book "Meant to Be". Based on the few details he revealed, I knew it was a book I had to read. As soon as the show was over, I went to web site and bought the eBook. I was not disappointed. It is a very enjoyable read. I cannot wait for other members of my reading group to read it. Check below for the Coupon Code to receive a Discount on these two eBook Titles.

Testimony by Sarkozy, Nicolas
In an important book from the newly elected president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy sets forth his personal vision of France's role in world affairs and his plans for modernizing the country and equipping it for the twenty-first century.
More Info

Meant To Be eBook edition by Anderson, Wal
Published to strong reviews and major media attention, this heartfelt and inspirational rags–to–riches memoir by the highly regarded CEO of Parade Publications tells the emotional story of how he came to terms with an identity
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14 October 2007

Another Republician Bites The Dust!


'Silent Partner' If you want to read this book you will want to read James McGreevey's book to get the whole picture. Two people who found each other but probably should have never gotten married in the first place. Dina must feel vindicated by telling her side and I don't blame her, but there really are 2 sides to every story. A tragedy for the little child being in the middle of all this, but how blessed Jam & Dina were to have this one positive thing come out of this unusual marriage.

'The Confession' I am glad he is at peace even if only making a half confession. I really am. What about the fact that he would have been running for President right now - had he not been caught? I was prepared to find McGreevey unlikable and pleading, but that was not the case. I could care less about the sex lives of these politicians. They may do whatever they wish as long as they do not do it in their place of business and remember that their position demands ethics -- it is their fiduciary duty to taxpayers -- as well as their duty to be a role-model for our nation's children. Any gay, purple, black, female or gorilla politician is fine with me -- I fully understood his concerns and recognized the dilemmas he faced. Well worth the read! Be sure to check below for you're coupon code for a discount on these two eBooks.

Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage eBook edition by McGreevey, Dina
Dina Matos McGreevey speaks out for the first time in her New York Times bestselling memoir.In August 2004, New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey resigned from office, announcing that he was a "gay American." His wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, the picture of grace and loyalty, perfectly composed in her pale blue suit, gave no sign of the tangled emotions she felt that day, no hint of the devastation that was to come. Since then she has been asked repeatedly about the nature of her marriage, about what she knew and when she knew it. Since then, she has remained silent. Until now. Speaking up at last, Dina Matos McGreevey here recounts the details of her marriage to Jim McGreevey. What emerges is a tale of love and betrayal, of heartbreak and scandal.and, ultimately, of hope. With scalding honesty, she tells of her life with the former governor, of the passion for politics and public service that brought them together, and of the lies that tore them apart. It was anything but happily ever after
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The Confession eBook edition by McGreevey, James
More than a coming-out memoir, The Confession is the story of one man's quest to repair the rift between his public and private selves, at a time in our culture when the personal and political have become tangled like frayed electric cables. Teeming with larger-than-life characters, written with honesty, grace, and rare insight into what it means to negotiate the minefields of American public life, it may be among the most honest political memoirs ever written.a
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27 September 2007

Change. Are We Ready?


Change, are we ready?

This is definitely a changing World as we know it. Hasn't that always been the case though? These two titles are very different but both talk about change in society, history, politics, families, religion, and the so called elite.

I found that God and Hillary Clinton by Paul Kengor a good read. Despite my political views (which I won't go there!) I have a weakness when it comes to the Clinton's and wanting to know more. This book fulfilled my hunger. Again a very thoughtful perspective and well written book.

Delux: How Luxury Lost It's Luster by Dana Thomas was a title I thought I would never read. This book was recommended to me by a friend so I took a chance. Boy I'm glad I did! The "Style and Cultural Reporter for Newsweek" Dana Thomas did a fantastic job on representing Change. A changing world and society. Very informative and accurate. This eBook will surprise you and leave you wanting more.

God and Hillary Clinton eBook edition by Kengor, Paul For nearly three decades, political observers have sought to understand the complex relationship between Hillary Clinton's faith and her politics. Now, in this first spiritual biography of the former first lady, acclaimed historian Paul Kengor sets out to answer the elusive question: What does Hillary Clinton believe? Based on exhaustive research, God and Hillary Clinton tells the surprising story of Hillary's spiritual evolution, detailing how her lifelong religious beliefs have intertwined with her personal history to make her the politician that she is today. Born into a strict Methodist family and raised on a spiritual diet of private prayer and self-reliance, Hillary, at a young age, used the Methodist Church's emphasis on community service to catalyze her involvement in the changing world.
More Info
Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster by Thomas, Dana Dana Thomas, style and cultural reporter for Newsweek, brings a hard-hitting behind-the-scenes look at the world of "New Luxury" and how the massification of luxury goods has ensured that luxury isn't luxurious any longer There was a time when luxury was available to only the rarefied and aristocratic world of old money and royalty. Luxury wasn't simply a product, it was a lifestyle, one that denoted a history of tradition, superior quality, and a pampered buying experience. Today's luxury marketplace would be virtually unrecognizable to the old-world elite. Gone are the family-owned businesses dedicated to integrity and quality; the industry is now run by massive corporations focused only on growth, visibility, brand awareness, advertising, and, above all, profits. Handmade goods are practically extinct, and almost all manufacturing has been outsourced to large factories in places such as China, where your expensive brand-name handbag is being assembled right next to one from a mass-market label that will cost substantially less. Dana Thomas, a journalist who has covered style and the luxury business for The Washington Post, Newsweek,and The New York Times Magazine from Paris for the past fifteen years, digs down into the dark side of the luxury industry to uncover all the secrets that Prada, Gucci, and Burberry don't want us to know. Traveling from the laboratories in Grasse, where Christian Dior and Prada perfumes are manufactured, to the crowded factories in China, where workers glue together "Made in Italy" bags by the thousands, Thomas explores the whole of today's high-end shopping experience to answer some pressing questions: What is the new definition of luxury when advertising for this upscale lifestyle is targeted mainly to the middle-class masses? What are we paying for when quality has given way to quantity, and luxury is no longer just for the upper-class elite? Thomas has travelled all over the world to interview corporate heads and factory workers, the old-money, old-luxury clients and the new luxury-obsessed middle-class consumer, and she paints a surprising picture of today's New Luxury. With Deluxe, she delivers a fast-paced, uncompromising look at the real world behind the glossy magazines and red carpet couture and asks: How did luxury lose its luster?
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13 September 2007

Innocence Lost... Now What?


Innocence is lost. We are beyond that now. Knowing where we, as a culture and as individuals, go from here is enormously complex. This week's features deal with youth, sexuality, race, and social injustice - they are sure to increase our understanding of these complex issues. Don't forget to check below for this week's discount code for special savings on these titles and more.

Restless Virgins eBook edition
by Jones, Abigail

An honest, intimate look at the lives of today's teens—told through the true experiences of friends at a New England prep school

Established in 1798, Milton Academy has a proud history of achievement. It has educated artists and CEOs; it has produced a long line of distinguished scholars and dignitaries; and it has shepherded students through the world of high-pressure academics for generations. Since its founding, the public face of Milton had always been one of integrity and pride . . . until a sex scandal rocked the campus and made headlines in the spring of 2005. The offense? Teenagers doing no more than what others had done before them—except this time they got caught.

Restless Virgins is the riveting real-life story of a group of seniors who were there as the "incident" (as it came to be called) unfolded: Whitney, the athletic and sensual beauty every girl wants to be; Annie, who craves acceptance but is torn between the desire for peer approval and musical success; Jillian, the smart one who is sick of high school drama and desperate to go to college; and Reed, a "hockey god" who has it all but whose charisma masks a secret insecurity.

From "friends with benefits" to STDs, today's teens face a wider array of social and sexual opportunities—and pressures—than ever before. Through its eye-opening yet sensitive depiction of a group of normal kids with normal struggles, Restless Virgins offers an important look at contemporary adolescence no teen, parent, or educator can afford to miss. And it is written by two recent Milton graduates who know this world—and these students—like no others.

More Info

White Guilt eBook edition
by Steele, Shelby

In 1955 the killers of Emmett Till, a black Mississippi youth, were acquitted because they were white. Forty years later, despite the strong DNA evidence against him, accused murderer O. J. Simpson went free after his attorney portrayed him as a victim of racism. The age of white supremacy has given way to an age of white guilt—and neither has been good for African Americans.

Through articulate analysis and engrossing recollections, acclaimed race relations scholar Shelby Steele sounds a powerful call for a new culture of personal responsibility.

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30 August 2007

Whether the Storm? Are we responsible?


As our world changes, there is so much focus on disaster... it seems to be everywhere. But in a culture dominated by the focus on human tradgedy, some great stories of human resiliance, compassion, reason, and growth emerge. We can learn what to do to prevent disaster, or when it is not preventable, how we can weather the storm.

Little Chapel on the River eBook edition
by Bounds, Gwendolyn

Forced from her downtown Manhattan apartment by the terrorist attack of September 11, journalist Wendy Bounds was delivered to Guinan's doorstep -- a legendary Irish drinking hole and country store nestled along the banks of the Hudson River in the small town of Garrison, New York -- by a friend.

Captivated by the bar's charismatic but ailing owner and his charming, motley clientele, Bounds uprooted herself permanently and moved to tiny Garrison, the picturesque river town they all call home. There she became one of the rare female regulars at the old pub and was quickly swept up into its rhythm, heartbeat, and grand history -- as related by Jim Guinan himself, the stubborn high priest of this little chapel. Surrounded by a crew of endearing, delightfully colorful characters who were now her neighbors and friends, she slowly finds her own way home.

Beautifully written, deeply personal, and brilliantly insightful, Little Chapel on the River is a love story about a place -- and the people who bring it to life.

More Info

The Storm: What Went Wrong and Why During Hurricane Katrina--the Inside Story from One Louisiana Scientist eBook edition
by van Heerden, Ivor
The ultimate inside story: how bureaucracy, politics, and a disregard of science combined to cripple--perhaps forever--a great American city As deputy director of the Louisiana State University Hurricane Center, Ivor van Heerden had for years been warning state and local officials about New Orleans's vulnerability to flooding. But like Cassandra's, his predictions were ignored--until Hurricane Katrina hit on August 29, 2005. Suddenly, van Heerden found himself at the center of a media maelstrom. Stepping forward to challenge the official version of events, he revealed the truth about the city's shoddy levee construction. Now, in The Storm, van Heerden shares up-to-the-minute reporting from his investigations and connects the dots among the Army Corps of Engineers, the bureaucrats, the politicians, and the chain of events--both natural and human--that culminated in catastrophe. An epic of cutting- edge science and systemic bureaucratic failure, The Storm is the first book from a major player in the Katrina disaster and a riveting narrative that brings expertise, passion, and a human viewpoint to America's greatest natural disaster.
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29 August 2007

Back to School - Required Reading Reinvented

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To celebrate Labor day we, at eBooksAboutEverything, are giving you an additional 5% off on these fun titles, to divert you from giving up your summer fun & buckling down to work...
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Jinx by Cabot, Meg
ISBN: 9780061254437
Publisher: HarperCollins e-books
Year Published: 2007
The only thing Jean Honeychurch hates more than her boring name (not Jean Marie, or Jeanette, just . . . Jean) is her all-too-appropriate nickname, Jinx. Misfor-tune seems to follow her everywhere she...(by Meg Cabot, author of, "The Princess Diaries" & "Size 14 is Not Fat Either")
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FOREVER IN BLUE by Brashares, Ann
ISBN: 9780375843181
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Year Published: 2007
By the author of, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,"... Brashares continues to deliver a delightful and comforting story of friendship, life and more from the blue-jean's eye view...
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22 August 2007

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